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As I enjoy the sunny summer days with bare arms and a golden tan, I keep reminding myself that it is crucial for me to have both arms stacked every day. Before we know it, the humidity will subside and the cold weather will be back to stay for what seems like an eternity. I would be lying to you if I said I don't stack over the winter, but many times my hands are freezing cold and my fashions don’t accommodate for the enormous pieces I love to wear. Even though I don't think the words, “too many bracelets" are part of my vocabulary. I just hope for this cold season to be shorter. Ask anyone from New England, the snow was insane this past winter!

5 Tips from GIN to create


1. Mix and Match: Get comfortable pairing multiple brands for The Stack. This way, you can implement different styles from different designers. And don't be afraid to pair costume jewelry with some higher end pieces.

Mix and Match edited 1Mix and Match edited 2

(Lowest $11 & highest $250)

2. Add a Pop: You might be committed to following the color story for the season, but there is nothing wrong with adding a pop of another color into the stack. It could compliment your shoes or even your tote. Remember that different is what makes you stand out, no basic white girl here!

add a pop edited

3. Switch it Around: Many think that I have a different stack for every single day. I'm not gonna lie, I have jewelry for days, but many times I just change the order of my stack. I have always loved accessorizing my outfits, even before I started working for Flaunt Boutique!

Mix it up edit 2Mix it up edit 1

(Both pictures have the same bracelets just different order)

Best of RI Flaunt Team edited

(Rhode Island's 2015 Best Women's Boutique)

4. Metal Mixing: Don't be afraid to mix it up. I know that many people are set in their ways about this one. But you can really create something gorgeous when mixing gold and silver. If there is anything I have learned from Amanda Doumato (owner of Flaunt Boutique) it is how to mix and match metals.

mixing metals edited

(Nautical inspired focused on Luca + Danni)

5. Add your own touch: No matter the trends, nor the season, you must add a little of your personality to The Stack. Inspirational quotes (Mantrabands) are my specialty, which you will see in The Stack’s and also my home décor.

my own touch edited

Stacking bracelets is my trademark.

It is a part of my daily routine.

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