Introducing Royalty Joyce Stenovitch

Introducing Royalty Joyce Stenovitch

Meet Joyce, the owner of ReJoyce Salon & Spa!


Q1: Originally from: Joyce Stenovitch was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Q2: Her Muses: Joyce looks up to and gets her inspiration from many people in her life, including her mother. Five different hair salon owners have also inspired her to excel in everything she does. Making sure clients leave 100% satisfied is her goal every day with every client.

Q3: Steps along the way: She went to school in Warwick, Rhode Island at Empire Beauty. Before owning her own hair salon, she worked in sales and education in the same industry for sixteen years. She obtained her hair license from at least 15 different companies. Being in the business for 20 years, Joyce realized that she had the potential to do more. She had learned the positives and negatives of the industry and was ready to own her own salon, which has now been in business for a year. ReJoyce Salon & Spa has been featured in Providence Monthly Magazine, Hello Rhody, and will be collaborating with the Providence Bruins this season.

Q4: A day in the life: Around 5 am the alarm rings, and Joyce starts her day. She walks her dog Bruno Edward, takes a shower, and even throws some laundry in, all before she gets to the salon at 7:15am. Every single day she makes sure she has at least 45 minutes for herself before her team and the first appointments arrive. In these 45 minutes she prepares everything for the day, goes over scheduling to make sure everything is organized and ready to go! What she loves most about her schedule is that each hour is different thanks to every client that walks through the door. She learns so much about others she considers herself 90% therapist and 10% hairstylist!

Q5: Advice from the royal: Joyce explains that being in the industry is fun! You get to meet many different people every day! Trends come and go and even though a routine is created you get to experience a different atmosphere every day. She advices for anyone that wants to own their own business to know that it takes time, hard work, and dedication but in the end it is all worth it! Joyce lives by the quote: “The grass is not always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it”

Q6: A Fan of Gin & Topics because..

“You have such a close relationship with my daughter Britt and I will always support those who are close to my family. Knowing Glori prior to Gin & Topics, seeing you grow as a person and brand inspires me to grow and connect with you. You are such young, inspiring girl! Supporting you to do the things that you love makes me happy. I love seeing your brand flourish!”


Definitely a Royal!

I met Joyce almost 5 years ago when her daughter Brittany and I decided to join the same sorority. She was willing to go above and beyond for Brittany and her new friends to say the least. I knew then and there that she would be a role model for me. I had only been living in RI 3 months when I met Joyce, and I speak for some of my pledge sisters and myself when I say that she became our fairy godmother! She has supported me and believed in me since day one! I can only hope to be as successful and as happy with my career as she is. Oh and of course look as amazing as she does day and night!

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