Perfect time for a beach trip!

Perfect time for a beach trip!

As a fellow Newnglander I am lucky enough to live close to the water. The ocean and beaches of Rhode Island make me feel privileged and remind me of home. Thank God I didn't decide to move to the middle of the country, I would have never made it without a beach.

Growing up in PR the beach was just a ten minute car ride away.  It was a casual outing rather than a day long excursion. Pack a couple of chairs, a cooler, grab a few friends and your ready to go! ? No matter what is going on in my life it is always time for a trip to the beach!



Me and some of my college girlfriends decided to take a break from life and sit under the Caribbean sun. You must be thinking... here we go again... GIN travels to Puerto Rico.

Well not this time! I recently came back from the most amazing trip to Jamaica. I sat on the beach, tanned, enjoyed great company, sipped on cocktails and got away for the weekend!

Just in case you didn't know I am a December baby! Oh and I celebrate my birthday for the ENTIRE month of December! So this was only the beginning of the celebrations! 

Cheers to being 24!

Until my next topic...



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