Exactly 2 months... are you ready for SWIM?

I am! These next two months better fly by!

On June 12th of 2016 StyleWeek Northeast SWIM will be hosted at the Providence G Rooftop.


Fashion show season is always my favorite time of the year, besides traveling and exploring new cities. I guess you can say, this is one of the main reasons I live in Providence, where StyleWeek Northeast plans 3 fashion shows a year to debut collections from my favorite local designers.

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If it wasn't for the amazing support from our community, many of us would not be able to do what we love everyday. A special thanks to everyone that supports me all around the world. From people that I know, to many who I've worked or studied with, my friends and family, I will forever be grateful!

I am looking forward to this StyleWeek Northeast SWIM more than ever because, it will take place at the Providence G Rooftop. Unfortunately, I have never experienced a SWIM at the location considering I was living in Italy 2 summers ago when it was previously held there. The buzz around that event was quite big considering I was all the way in Milano and was having major FOMO looking at pictures of everyone in attendance!

Of course I am already planning on who I will be wearing and collaborating with so, stay tuned!

If you are ready to shop, enjoy summer cocktails, and watch your favorites, sit tight and ill update you as soon as tickets are up for sale!

SWIM 2015.jpg
SWIM 2015.jpg

Until my next topic...



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