Dreaming of my perfect Monday

 Do you ever think and wonder what the perfect Monday looks like? As I close my eyes, many things come to mind. My mind gets bombarded with memories. What does a perfect Monday really mean? Is it relaxing at home on my unexpected day off?

Snow in NEPhotography by Adrianna Suarez

Or is it be laying under the Caribbean sun listening to the sound of the waves?

Poza Las Mujeres PR

If you live on the East coast, you most likely have been getting some snow. During my unexpected Monday day off, I got to do some of the things I enjoy most. Watching a new tv series, cooking, working out, relaxing and writing. It was a great Monday even though I didn't leave the house.

I can't help but daydream about the warm weather when it's cold outside. Not being able to get in the car and be at the beach in 15 minutes is the worst!

Disfruta De Tu Playa Mantenla LimpiaNo dejar BasuraPoza Las MujeresMe at Poza de las Mujeres

I have to say, we have had a warm winter so far.. let's see what the next couple of weeks will bring!

Until my next topic...



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