Introducing Royalty: Marisa Conti

Meet the owner of Pastry Land Bakery: Marisa Conti

Marisa Conti

Q1: Originally from: Marisa was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island.

Q2: Her Muses: Marisa is not inspired by just one person. She is inspired by people who work hard and achieve their goals. For Marisa it is not enough to just achieve her goals, when she sets them she makes sure she goes above and beyond to fulfill them. Surrounding herself with hard working people that have created their own businesses has inspired her to be a business owner. Social media works as the main source of inspiration many times when coming up with new creations and desserts at the bakery. She believes that social media is very useful when used properly. definitely something we share in common.

If Marisa had to choose one quote to live by it would be: "Failure is the key to success. Every mistake teaches us something".

She looks up to both of her parents. Her father never graduated high school, let alone college and has created a very successful life and business. Marisa's mother is in charge of making financial and logical designs. She is great at managing, organizing and preparing.

 Marisa has her mother to thank for her knowledge in finances/ budgeting and her father for his drive and passion. " Without watching how hard my father works day in and day out, I wouldn't know what it means to have nothing turn into something."

Q3: Steps along the way: Marisa went to Smithfield High School in Rhode Island and graduated from University of Rhode Island. She has been working in the bakery since she was fourteen years old. For a short amount of time while in college, she worked at a daycare. While growing up she had a LONG list of what she wanted to be when she grew up. She dedicated her entire college career to being a teacher, thinking it was her dream job. She adores children and is inspired by them. For a moment, Marisa even wanted to be famous but she explains how no one even knows Rhode Island exists, which makes it a little bit of a long shot.

If there is one thing Marisa would change in her career path it would be to not go to college immediately as it was advised to do so. She believes that she should have taken time off to think things through.

Q4: A day in the life: Marisa's day typically starts at 6am setting up the bakery. She is usually always up front during busy seasons, waiting on customers. This is probably one of her favorite things to do at the bakery considering that 90% of the customers are regulars, she loves interacting and getting to know them. Q5: Advice from the royal: Marisa's advice to young people in her industry is to work hard. Marisa and I both agree that it is not acceptable to call out of work on a Saturday because you feel like going apple picking with your friends. She explained that her job is very demanding and that many don't realize how much work and dedication goes into the food industry. She explained that working at the bakery is not only just about the techniques of baking but also about the process, the ingredients, the time, the dedication, and the love she puts into her work. Just like me, Marisa believes you have to love your job, if not you might want to reconsider your career path.

Marisa and I


Definitely a royal

I had the pleasure to meet Marisa Conti when I started working at Flaunt Boutique three years ago. It didn't take me a long time to see the passion Marisa puts into her work. She is a driven person and even though she is only a few years older than me I truly look up to her. I know that her hard work and dedication will always pay off. We definitely share many great qualities, and I think the strongest one might be our work ethic. Being in two completely different industries there our day to day experiences are very different yet, if you were to see how we both work you could see our drive to succeed.

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