Dear Santa...XOXO Becca

Happy Holiday’s everyone! This time it’s not GIN, it’s Becca.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, well that is, besides my birthday. To celebrate, GIN has agreed to let me feature my wish list on her blog, in hopes that you might find something you want to add to yours or would like to gift to your peeps. I’ve included the top 10 items below that I have on my very own Christmas List to Santa (aka my mom). I can promise my mom… cough cough, I mean Santa, will surely not bring me everything on this list. I haven’t been THAT good this year.

  1. Love Your Melon Hat $30


Last year while scrolling through my endless Instagram feed, I saw a celebrity repost this account called Love Your Melon. “Love Your Melon was founded in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota by two friends, Zach and Brian. On a mission to improve the lives of children battling cancer since October 22nd, 2012, Love Your Melon began with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America.” Since I wasn’t able to pick one up for myself last winter, I decided to add it to my Christmas list this year. Killing two birds with one stone, donating to a wonderful cause and keeping my head nice and toasty.

  1. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Honey Bath $45


This next item I have never tried, but I saw it on the Sephora website and it reminded me of an Almond scrub I bought at a cute little bath store, while in California last spring. I die for ANYTHING almond. (Insert tongue emoji)

  1. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume $65s864017-main-hero-300

So I have to admit, I’m a bit of a copycat with this item. This is the perfume GIN uses and I love it. Sorry GIN but your signature scent, isn’t so signature anymore. I’m stealing it! I love woody smells and this perfume has notes of Bamboo, Nashi, Lotus Flower and Balsa Wood. Bamboo, Nashi, Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood. Bamboo, Nashi, Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood.

  1. Barefoot Dream CozyChic Robe $98

Every year I usually get a new robe for Christmas. This year I was obsessed with this cloud like one Kourtney Kardashian was spotted wearing in some episodes of Kourtney & Khloe take the Hamptons. I did some research and found the exact robe, which I of course had to add to my list. I love walking around in just my robe after taking a shower, if I could have it my way, pants wouldn’t be a necessity in life.

  1. Tazza Osteria Gift Card

Locations: Fairfield, CT & Monroe, CT


I’m not really sure if they even have gift cards, but if they do, I want one. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants, and it makes me so sad that I can only go when I’m at home visiting in CT. They have the most amazing Italian food that brings me back to my trip to Italy every time I dine there. If you have a chance to stop in, you need to try the Nina’s Arancini or the Fresh Ricotta Crostini. To. Die. For.

  1. Corkcicle

Gloss Turquoise Wine Canteen 16 oz.   $27.95


Speaking of Italian, this product was something I saw last weekend while at the Newport Vineyard, enjoying a wine tasting for GIN’s birthday. I wanted to buy it so badly, but my wallet wasn’t agreeing after purchasing a bottle of wine and hard cider. Everyone looked at me like… “Where are you going to use that Becca?” This wine canteen keeps drinks cold for up to 25 hours, or hot for 12. I really hope Santa brings me this so I can use it next summer on trips to Narragansett.

  1. Marbled MacBook Skin- White $24.99


The next item is something I saw on my favorite bloggers Instagram, Marianna Hewitt. If you have never checked out her blog, you need to…like right now. This chic marbled MacBook skin fancies up any old laptop, including mine…I hope.

  1. Luca & Danni Bracelet

Black Lucky Elephant Bangle ($32) & Swarovski Arctic White Bangle ($38)

While I spend a lot of my time hanging out with GIN at Flaunt Boutique, sorry Amanda, I make a long list of items I want to buy in my head. These bracelets have been on that list for some time now. Luca + Danni is a Rhode Island based jewelry company with hundreds of different styles to choose from. My favorites are the elephant and the Swarovski arctic white bangles.

  1. Bridgewater Candle

Sweet Grace 18 oz. Large Jar $24


This is another item I have become obsessed with thanks to Flaunt Boutique. The Bridgewater Sweet Grace candle. “Bridgewater is committed to feeding and nurturing children in developing countries. Through a partnership with Rice Bowls, Bridgewater donates a portion of each jar candle sale to different orphanages internationally. Every candle purchased feeds a child for a day.” And the even better part is, the Sweet Grace scent smells like heaven. Literally.

  1. Balenciaga Holiday Collection Classic Metallic Edge Mini City $1545

45287595TO_12_n_fAnd last, but not least, my favorite thing on the list… the Balenciaga Holiday Collection Classic Metallic Edge Mini City in Rose De Sables. I know, I know, you may think it's nothing special, but I think it’s beyond gorgeous. It is MY Christmas list, after all. This is the gift I know for sure won’t be sitting under the Sperling Christmas tree, but HEY, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Ok phew, I’m done. If you’re still with me after this long, but much needed post, I hope you found something you liked on my top 10 Wish List to add to your own! Have a great holiday everyone, and no worries, I will be back for sure...



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