I believe that a person’s favorite number can mean a lot to him. My favorite number is 3. This number symbolizes many different things in my life. The most important reason is that I am one of 3 sisters. This number also takes me down memory lane considering I was identified by it for almost 10 years on the volleyball courts. I have 3 favorite holidays: my Birthday, Christmas and Halloween (what I'm really tying to get at in this post).

I completed my degree in fashion, which explains my obsession with dressing up. I could never deny that I was my parents daughter, considering my father has a passion for culinary arts and my mother for creating works of art.

Here is a flashback in time of some of my favorite Halloween moments.










Trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat, or how I would say:

Halloween, trick or treat, dame chavos no maní, no te escondás que the ví, en la casa del Coqui!

Until my next topic...



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