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In many cities around the country, (Boston, Chicago, Manhattan and Providence, just to name a few) living in a smaller space is the new trend. How much space do we really need when we spend weekdays at school and work, and the weekends exploring the city? June 3rd 2015 marks the day I moved into the nation's oldest mall, built in 1828, The Arcade Providence. I was honored to be chosen by Chris, from ABC's Nightline team, to be featured in a video showing my move in day. It was an amazing  opportunity to have him and his team help me adjust into my new micro space. Chris and his crew were not the only ones to get a first peek at my new place. Lauren, founder of Living Little Rhody, a blog to help Rhode Islanders embrace their space and tell their stories of celebrating home, got some great shots too.

Check out the before video....

before pics

and after article of my move in experience!


It has been a little over a month of living in my micro-loft and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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