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What you MUST know about lashes

Gloria Nietofashion, beauty
What you MUST know about lashes

It took me about 14 months to finally give in.

Women can change their looks by doing many different things, that don't involve drastic procedures. A cute haircut, changing your hair color, or dressing up. The most notable things are those done to your face. Growing up by the beach, I always had tanned skin. Makeup was not really my thing back then to be honest. I'd rather catch some vitamin SEA, if you know what I mean.


Well, that's why it was so hard for me to finally give in and get my lashes done. I thought that first, they would ruin your own eyelashes and second, it would be annoying to keep up with them.



Visiting Kirsten a few times a month has become more than a beauty treatment for myself. It has really given me the chance to enjoy my natural skin this summer, I don't EVER wear makeup.

Of course I hydrate my face, especially with the amount of sun I have gotten this summer.

If you have the same thoughts about lash extensions as I did, or even if you have a completely different perspective on beauty tips, there are a few things you MUST know about eyelashes.

When you wear lash extensions you:

DON'T need mascara!

Never put waterproof mascara on them.

If you would like to remove them, they must be done by a technicians not the actual person.

Only brush them when necessary.

Clean them at least twice a week!

If they become itchy or if you are prone to allergies use contact solution to restore moisturize and the PH level in your lashes

If you have any medical conditions consult at your apporiment, they might fall quicker than normal.

Did you know?

Every 4-6 weeks your eyelashes go through a shedding period where they are replaced with new ones.


Eye extensions will NEVER damage you natural lashes when applied correctly.

Coconut oil and biotin are both ways to promote healthy growth.

I mean... who wouldn't give in after knowing all of this?

Thanks Kirsten for educating me on my lashes!

Here is a little clip on my last visit, can't wait to see you next week for a touch up.


Until my next topic...



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