Hi I’m GIN, Gloria Isabel Nieto, the owner founder and editor in Chief of Gin & Topics. Thank you for visiting my page.

 “Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams” is my motto. I used to dream about traveling to the fashion capitals, meeting designers and sitting front row in fashion shows. My dream has become a reality and I want to share it with you! While I am obsessed with trends, in Gin & Topics I will give you tips not only on what to wear but also about restaurants you should try and how to change the décor of your apartment. I will ll let you join in the pursuit of exciting projects and will let you be a part of my busy calendar.

In 2011, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island from the small Caribbean island of Puerto Rico to attend Johnson & Wales University, where I studied fashion merchandising, retail marketing and French. While in school, I had the extraordinary experience of studying abroad in Italy and to work hand in hand with the fashion PR Company Pink and Chic in Milan and with the Italian designer Mauro Gasperi.

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be passionate. My passion is infinite when it comes to my dreams. I like to be involved with many different things at once and work with great leaders of the industry. 

Today, I have attended Fashion Weeks all over the world including Puerto Rico, Providence, Boston, New York City and Milan. I have been collaborating with many professionals in the industry that inspire me everyday and brands that I will forever feel passionate about.

Thanks again to you for reading my blog. It’s what keeps me writing. Do you want to be a part of it? Is there something you want to read on my page? Email me!

Oh, one last thing, if we’re the same town, tweet and we might meet in person.

Until my next topic…



My Team

Hello! I'm Jaci, Glori’s go to and right hand. 

Hello! I'm Jaci, Glori's go to and right hand.

Hi, I'm Olivia! I'm the girl in charge of the graphics and designs.